socials bannerWith such limited teaching time, we organise regular socials to allow our members to make course-mates and mix with other years. From casual pub quizzes,  Otley Runs to huge nights out at some of Leeds’ biggest clubs, the History Society socials provide something for everyone.

Last year, we brought you the best deals  from some of the top events companies in Leeds such as NoCurfew, Voodoo and Rough Hill. We took our members to some fantastic nights at Mint, HiFi and Warehouse, with over 100 of you at every social.

At HistSoc, we LOVE an excuse to dress up, and last year we held a Retro Sportswear themed Otley Run, a Centurion where the 100 that attended graced Bierkeller and Mint Club in handmade togas. Our next Otley Run will be held on THURSDAY 2ND OCTOBER and will be BOOTCAMP THEMED – get your khaki gear and dog tags ready, and start practising your drills!

We also hold pub quizzes if you don’t fancy a big night out! Last year we packed out the Library Pub with plenty of brainboxes, all competing with some amusing team names to win some big prizes. Our first event of the year, Freshers’ welcome drinks, was held at the Faversham Pub and was a great success, helping new students to settle in and socialise with others on their course. We are hosting more of these events this year, such as the Careers Networking dinner. For more of our non alcoholic socials, see our ‘Academic’ page.